Are you sure about that?

Are you sure about that?

Is this a sensible thing to do in this difficult time?

Do you have to do this?

All well-meant comments (I assume for the sake of convenience) from people around me or those I speak in a businesslike manner. By the way, I am convinced that this is mainly their own reflection and fear and has not so much to do with me.

I quit my job at Nutanix after more than 4.5 years to take another step for myself and to start my own business again. Of course I realize that we are currently living in a difficult time, but I also feel that this is an opportunity. Maybe this sounds crazy, but deep down I really feel it that way. And NO, I don’t have to do this… I want to do this!

Maybe it’s also because I don’t just take this step, but the idea has been in my head for at least 2.5 years. It is no coincidence that I started following all kinds of coaching courses during my maternity leave and Benjamin is already 2.5 years old… So I took my time to make my choice.

I want something different! I want something for myself again! Something where I can put my energy into, can contribute and where I can make a difference for others. Others, that is to say, women. With my 20 years of IT experience and entrepreneurial experience in my pocket, I want to empower other women to bring out the best in themselves.

IT is still a predominantly male dominated market, but it can also be very interesting and fun for women. As long as you know your way around, can deal with the male “violence” and have a plan!

I myself have worked a lot with coaches and they have certainly made a difference for me, but I also had a need to find a woman as a coach. Someone who knows the market, has the experience and would understand me better than a man could. Until now I have unfortunately never found it and that completed the circle. She in IT was born!

By the way, I don’t only get these kinds of reactions. Many people share my enthusiasm and understand why I choose to follow my heart and my great passion!

With love,


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